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4 Tips To Promote Work-Life Balance

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: June 8, 2020 Category: Blog

Moving to a new country is expensive. Even highly trained newcomers may find themselves initially working in survival jobs to earn money. As a result, many hardworking newcomers work long hours in order to earn more money; this is time which is taken away from their personal life and with family. It is common to hear about people who suffer from job burnout. These are workers who dedicate too much of their time towards their jobs. The key to avoiding a burnout is by maintaining a good work-life balance. In today’s article, Career Loans will examine four tips to improve work-life balance.

1. Understand your health is important

Individuals who are prone to job burnouts are often very focused on their work; so much that they may not notice their health deteriorating. While these workers show dedication to their jobs, they may actually be impacting their work in a negative way. Taking care of your health by treating yourself right. This means eating healthy, exercising regularly, and setting time aside for you to rest. Overworked individuals often neglect these basic activities which will eventually lead to poor health. Consider a worker who is healthy and able to perform their tasks every day. On the other hand, a worker who is stressed and overwhelmed from job burnout will not be productive.

2. Don’t Take Work Home

Modern technology has allowed for increased communication and more flexible working schedules. At the same time, this makes it easier for workers to spend more time working. Your manager may send you an email during the evening, but you do not need to reply if it is outside of your working hours. This is even more important for those who are working from home. Maintaining a good work-life balance means knowing when it’s time to call it a day.

3. Manage Your Time

There are 24 hours in a day. Block out the hours of the day so you know exactly when you will be working and when you will be managing your personal affairs. Determine your priorities beforehand; identify the most important tasks and manage your day around those activities. For many, work and family responsibilities may take up the majority of the day, but this doesn’t mean every minute of your day needs to be productive. Maintaining a work-life balance also means finding time for yourself.

4. Take Time for Yourself

With work and other responsibilities taking up a large portion of your day, it may be difficult to find time to relax. Unfortunately, those who are experiencing job burnouts may not realize the importance of taking a break. It’s easy to get caught up with filling in your schedule, but it is equally important to take time out for yourself. Do something you enjoy and use the time to wind down. This will help you destress and make you more productive throughout the day.

Taking time for yourself can mean a number of different things. For example, you could spend some time with your family, enjoy a walk in the sun, catch up with some friends, go out for a bike ride, or maybe even sitting under a tree to enjoy a good book.

Bonus Tip: Advance Your Career

Internationally trained newcomers have the potential to bring a lot of skills to the Canadian workforce. In reality, some Canadian employers do not recognize foreign credentials. As a result, many skilled newcomers find themselves working two or more low-skilled jobs to earn money. Internationally trained newcomers possess the experience required to work in their field and maintain a proper work-life balance.

Career Loans is here to help internationally trained newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Clients receive free one-on-one career support to help them return to their desired career. Eligible clients will also receive assistance for a microloan application of up to $15,000.

Visit our website to learn how Career Loans can help you advance your career. Sign up today and speak with our expert counsellors for free.

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