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Why Pursue a Career in Construction?

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: July 6, 2020 Category: Blog

There are plenty of reasons for why someone should pursue a career in the construction industry. A common misconception is that construction work is boring, difficult, and dangerous. In reality, construction workers are among the happiest employees who receive great benefits and contribute to the growth of their communities.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a career in construction.

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Build a Unique and Meaningful Career

A career in construction offers a diverse range of experiences and roles which provide countless opportunities. For example, construction work can branch out to carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, engineering, or even construction management. The range of roles can cater to individuals with different levels of education and experience.  In addition, technological advancements and diversified career opportunities has allowed for more women to enter the construction industry.

Furthermore, working in construction is a great way to build a long and meaningful career. There are plenty of opportunities for upward mobility. For example, a home building worker can start off in an entry labor position and move their way up to become a manager. This same worker could even start their own building firm if they desired to in the future.

There is a role for everyone in construction!

Earn from the Start

Many people who pursue a traditional university degree will often find themselves in debt after completing their schooling. On the other hand, construction workers and other tradespeople are able to earn money while they are still learning as apprentices. After completing an apprenticeship and becoming a tradesperson, workers will be able to receive wages and benefits associated with their field of work.

High Job Stability

Generally speaking, construction work is a very stable job because workers are always in demand. There will always be a need for the construction industry to build and maintain homes, apartments, factories, offices, schools, roads, and bridges. Construction work in the Alberta and Saskatchewan are also expected to see moderate growth in the near future. Alberta has several projects which will require construction workers which include utility, oil gas pipeline, transportation infrastructure, and maintenance work. Saskatchewan is also expected to start major mining and utility-sector projects.

Job Satisfaction

A 2016 study found that construction workers are one of the happiest among Canada’s employees. Construction work is known for teamwork and collaboration, combine this with a casual (less corporate) environment and you have the recipe for a happy worker. Many construction workers report that they feel part of a team when working on a project. Construction workers are more likely to fit in with their colleagues when compared with white-collared workers in an office setting.

Contribute to the Growth of Canada

The construction industry in Canada almost accounts for seven percent of Canada’s GDP. There are 1.3 million Canadians who work in the industry as well – with an increasing demand for employment. With several major projects in store for the foreseeable future, working as a construction worker means contributing to the growth of Canada. Construction work also impacts daily life; think about the buildings and infrastructure many people depend on. Construction workers help create roads, homes, schools, and hospitals. Furthermore, construction work helps improve the economy by creating more jobs to allow a community to grow. It is easy to see how working in construction can be a rewarding career.

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