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Volunteering as a Newcomer in Canada

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: December 7, 2021 Category: Blog

There are many benefits to volunteering. However, newcomers who are still looking for paid work may question the value of working for free. Is volunteering worthwhile for skilled newcomers in Canada? Continue reading to learn how volunteering can help newcomers find career opportunities!

Focus on a Specific Area

While it’s always great to volunteer, newcomers should have a specific area of focus when selecting volunteer opportunities. Volunteer in your area of expertise, or a field that you are interested in pursuing. In addition, you should volunteer for a position with similar responsibilities to the ideal job you are seeking. This way, your volunteer experience has a stronger purpose on your resume. For example, a newcomer with medical experience who is trying to return to their career should consider volunteering in a healthcare setting.

Build Your Professional Network

Pursuing volunteer work is a great way for newcomers to expand their professional networks. Volunteering in your desired field will allow you to meet individuals who can provide guidance on your career goals. Furthermore, they may know about available job opportunities in your desired career field. Be vocal about your desire to work in the industry and show a willingness to participate as a volunteer. Your supervisor in the volunteer role can also serve as a professional reference when a potential employer calls you in for an interview.

Learn How to Work in Canada

Volunteering is a great way to experience Canadian work culture. Although you may not be getting paid, you should treat volunteer work as if it were paid. This means carrying yourself with a high level of professionalism. For example, showing up on time and being consistent with your work will help build the credibility and trust that is desired in the Canadian workforce. Furthermore, volunteer work can help newcomers develop soft skills that are desirable to local employers. Volunteering can help you understand Canadian workplace culture and strengthen your resume with relevant Canadian experience.

Have a Plan

Job seekers who are volunteering should come with a plan that will hopefully result in a paid job. Volunteering allows newcomers to gain experience and establish career opportunities. It is also important to be thoughtful of your own time. In fact, our Information & Financial Counsellors highly recommend that volunteers aim to gain employment within three to six months of volunteering.

Looking for more advice?

Newcomers have a lot to offer the Canadian workforce. However, finding the right career opportunities is not always easy. Volunteering is a great way for newcomers to build Canadian experience and networks that will hopefully flourish into career opportunities. Newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan can access free career and financial support. Receive free career counselling and devise your plan to get back to your career now!

Want to learn more, newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan can schedule a free career counselling session today.

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