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Supporting Newcomer Women in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: March 15, 2022 Category: Blog

On March 8, Career Loans celebrated International Women’s Day. Our program is motivated to help newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan to achieve their career goals. In fact, we are pleased to announce that the Career Loans program has assisted more than 380 newcomer women since our program began two years ago.

We recently spoke with Career Loans Information and Financial Counsellors Venus Shafiei (Alberta) and Cheryl Murray (Saskatchewan) to learn about how newcomer women can succeed in Canada’s workforce. Continue reading to find out about their tips!

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Be flexible

Cheryl Murray - Be open to change. Be flexible. Consider connecting with as many individuals and services to help you find work. Incorporate as many different job search techniques as possible - for example, online postings, contacting recruiters, employment service job boards, networking and meet-up groups. Also, research other resume formats and customize your application to fit different job postings.

Gain Canadian Experience

Venus Shafiei - Although women newcomers are often highly educated and have years of international experience, they are often disadvantaged in competing with others for jobs. This is because newcomers often lack Canadian work experience. Volunteering can help address your lack of Canadian experience, obtain work references, and assist in building your professional network.

Familiarize Yourself in Your Community

CM - Familiarize yourself with your new environment, neighbourhood, and community you are living in now. For instance, introduce yourself to your neighbours. Talk about your career and let others know that you are looking for work. If you have children, start conversations with other parents as you drop your children off at school. Find out if there are any short-term volunteer opportunities available at the school.

Networking and Mentorship

VS - One of the underutilized resources for newcomer women are the programs that offer Mentorship and Networking opportunities. For example, organizations such as ERIEC (Edmonton Regional Immigrant Employment Council) or CRIEC (Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council) can connect newcomers with mentors and create opportunities for professional networking.

Be Confident in Your Abilities

VS - Be confident in your abilities to build a life here. Newcomers have already succeeded in their careers and education back in their home counties. Maintain the same mindset of being resilient, hardworking, and eager to learn. Newcomers can continue contributing to their highest potential in Canada!

Want More Support?

Newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan can take advantage of the free services provided by Career Loans. Receive career support from our expert counsellors, like Venus and Cheryl, by registering for the program. Eligible clients can also inquire about our optional micro loans of up to $15,000 to help newcomers return to their desired careers.

Learn more and register today by clicking here!

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