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Staying Positive During a Global Pandemic

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: June 22, 2020 Category: Blog

COVID has affected the lives of many people. The spread of the virus has resulted in many closures and layoffs. During these unpredictable times, Canadians and Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs) alike may find it difficult to keep a positive outlook on life. How can we stay positive in life and our job search? Career Loans spoke with our expert Information and Financial Counsellors (IFCs) to see how they are staying positive.

Continue reading to hear what Rodika Barbu (Alberta IFC) and Claudia Valenzuela (Saskatchewan IFC) have to about staying positive during a global pandemic.

Take Care of Yourself

Life can be stressful during these unprecedented times. People who are stressed often forget to take care of themselves. Keeping healthy and taking care of themselves are just some ways our IFCs are staying positive. Regular exercise, eating healthy and staying hydrated are just some ways Claudia keeps herself motivated while at home.

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Taking breaks is also an important part of taking care of yourself. Rodika adds that we should take breaks from consuming news; it may be upsetting to hear constant stories about the crisis situation.

“Like everyone else we all have at some point in time endured other unforeseen major life disruptions like civil wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, or the financial meltdown of 2008,” explains Rodika. “I made it through! And I am stronger because of it. I just need to remind my self that I will get through this. I remind myself of that resilience on a regular basis.”

Improve your Employability

While it may be easy to focus on the negative aspects of the current global situations, it is also important to stay positive. Many people are stuck at home now as they find themselves with plenty of spare time. Both IFCs strongly recommend that job seekers use this extra time to upgrade their skills in order to boost employability. Claudia suggests ITIs develop skills which will be required for their careers. “Learn more about technology, business communication and practice public speaking skills.”

Rodika recommends taking online courses which have continued to gain popularity throughout COVID. “Short, online courses are available in a range of subjects so if you want to learn how to use a certain piece of software, discover what's involved in a particular role or brush up on soft skills there will be a course for you,” she says. “Any course taken demonstrates to employers your initiative, drive and organisational skills.”

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Use this time to show employers that you are ready to work. Upgrade your skills and improve your resume so that you will become more employable. Join LinkedIn if you are not already on the platform. Jobs will eventually return, and you will be ready when the time comes.

Advice from our IFCs

“Don’t let bad news get you down,” says Rodika. “People get an idea that there are no jobs because of all the negativity they hear about the job numbers in the media, so they buy into that and give up, while others go for it and find great jobs, regardless of the economic indicators."

Job seekers need to keep active and engaged so that they can achieve their career goals. Work hard and practice the skills which will make you employable. Use online resources to network with people in your desired industry; LinkedIn will be extremely helpful. This is a time where you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. Stay optimistic and your goals will be in reach.

“Have a goal to reach. Have a plan to stick with,” Claudia advises. “Work hard every day to improve yourself.”

Speak with the IFCs

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