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Saskatchewan Construction Sector Outlook

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: July 14, 2020 Category: Blog

Saskatchewan expects to see moderate growth in the construction industry throughout the next decade (2020 – 2029) according to research reports by BuildForce Canada. Saskatchewan’s growth in the residential construction sector and other utility-related projects will fuel the need for a growing workforce. Overall, construction employment expects to grow modestly throughout the decade. Large gains will focus on residential and ICI (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) Building projects.

Continue reading for a more detailed breakdown of the province's outlook.

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A Growing Workforce

According to BuildForce, expect Saskatchewan to hire nearly 12,000 construction workers over the next decade. At the same time, expect 9,100 workers to retire by 2029. Fortunately, Saskatchewan’s population is quite young; as approximately 9,400 new entrants will enter the construction sector to replace the retirees. New entrants refer to workers under the age of 30 who are entering the sector for the first time. In addition, Saskatchewan will need nearly 3,000 workers from outside the province meet the demand of 12,000 workers. As a result, the construction sector in Saskatchewan will have ample opportunities for locals and newcomers alike.

Newcomers currently make up a little more than eight per cent of Saskatchewan’s construction workforce. Over the next decade, the province expects to bring in more than 132,000 newcomers. Newcomers will be an essential driving force for the growth of Saskatchewan’s construction industry.

Saskatchewan 10 year construction outlook
Image via BuildForce Canada.

Residential Construction Sector

Housing starts experienced its lowest rate since the late 1990s last year with only 2,400 units. However, we can expect new housing projects throughout the decade. Housing starts are expected to be restored to 5,800 units by 2029. Growth in new home demands, renovation, and maintenance will lead to an estimated addition of 2,300 workers in the residential construction sector over the next decade.

Residential construction sector occupations will be in demand for the decade. There will mainly be an interest with Homebuilder and Renovation Managers, Construction Managers, Carpenters, Plasters, Drywall Installers and Finishers, and Lathers.

Non-Residential Construction Sector

The non-residential construction sector is expected to see moderate rises and dips throughout the decade. We can expect a decline in employment between this year and next; due to the completion of the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline. Fortunately, predictions conclude that new mining and utility sector projects will increase workers by 8.6 per cent (2,400 workers) by 2022.

While some non-residential construction jobs may see less demand in the coming decade, many of these jobs will remain competitive and in-demand. In particular, desirable positions include Construction Managers, Construction Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics.

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