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Pathway to Healthcare: what to consider as an internationally trained professional

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: September 21, 2020 Category: Blog

For internationally trained healthcare professionals, returning to a healthcare profession in Canada is not so simple. Healthcare jobs are under strict regulation in Canada. While these regulations help keep Canadians safe, they do become barriers for some internationally trained professionals (ITP) who want to continue their healthcare career.

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Continue reading to learn more about how ITPs can return to their desired career.

1. Consider the Available Occupations

As a heavily regulated sector, entering the Canadian healthcare field may take long periods of time. Furthermore, ITPs with healthcare experience will need to consider the time it takes for international credentials to be recognized. With that being said, your healthcare expertise will be beneficial in Canada. ITPs should carefully consider returning to their trained occupation or exploring an alternative career in healthcare. Lastly, ITPs may want to consider where they will be employed as healthcare professionals are desired in a wide range of areas. For example, home care service provider, government, hospital, medical laboratory, doctor’s office, and much more.

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2. Contact Regulatory Bodies

After you have identified a potential healthcare career, it is best to follow up with regulatory bodies. Regulatory bodies are the governing organizations which set the standards of practice and qualifications for any particular profession, occupation or trade. Healthcare professions are regulated for the safety of the public. From these regulatory bodies, you can determine what sort of qualifications or credentials are required before you can work in your desired healthcare field. Learn more about regulatory bodies by clicking here. We recommend that you contact your desired occupation’s regulatory body before continuing with any sort of international credential assessment.

3. Have Documents Ready

For the next step, ITPs will most likely want to have their international credentials assessed. Assessing international credentials will allow Canadian employers to understand the significance of your education. Services such as World Education Services (WES) are well known and recognized to provide assessment of your international credentials. Plan ahead and get your documents in order so that the assessment process can be as smooth as possible.

4. Seek out the right programs for ITPs

After getting an international credential assessment, ITPs may not exactly meet the requirements of the regulatory bodies. Depending on the guidelines set by your regulatory body, you may still require additional training. For example, bridging programs can be a great way for ITPs to build on their existing skills in order to qualify for local healthcare jobs. Another example could be a language skills program which can help newcomers develop English comprehension, communication skills, and learn occupation-specific terminology.

5. Check with a Career Counsellor

We recommend that you check in with a Career Counsellor before going through with your plans. Counsellor who work with ITPs will be able to provide you with insight on your career journey. For example, internationally trained individuals who are hoping to continue their career in Alberta and Saskatchewan can contact Career Loans for free counselling services. In addition, you can discuss finances and develop a suitable strategy for your career goals. You may even decide to adjust your initial goal after speaking with the career counsellor.

Career Loans Can Help!

Career Loans is a free and virtual program which helps ITPs return to their desired career field in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Clients who register with Career Loans can access our expert counsellors discussed above. Our services are unique because all sessions are entirely virtual; meaning you can speak with our experts from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, clients can apply for a micro loan of up to $15,000. This loan can help cover any fees associated with returning to your career.

Career Loans is here to help you reach your potential in Canada. Visit our website to learn more and sign up for our free services.


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