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Boost Your Employability from Home: Your Guide to Online Education

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: May 25, 2020 Category: Blog

Online education, or eLearning, has become increasingly popular with the growth of the internet. Recently, with a large portion of people staying indoors due to COVID-19, online education has seen another tremendous boost in popularity. Furthermore, many well-recognized post-secondary institutions have already announced that their upcoming fall semester will be offered online. The fact of the matter is that eLearning will continue to influence how students of the future learn.

Benefits of Online Education

While traditional education from schools certainly have its own merits, eLearning is quickly becoming accessible by students across the world. Online education has many benefits which simply aren’t available in traditional school settings.

Online education's greatest benefit is perhaps its convenience and flexibility when compared to traditional learning. Students can now schedule their classes around times in order to meet the demands of their personal lives. Online education makes learning accessible to everyone, including full- and part-time employees, seasonal and freelance workers, people with disabilities, and parents who may not have had the time to attend in-class lessons.

Many online learning organizations have pre-recorded lessons. As a result, students can access a large variety of courses and learn just about anything they want. Top instructors can now teach an unlimited amount of people simultaneously via their online class.

Online courses have improved since its origins. Classes try to incorporate interactive lessons which allow students to stay engaged while learning the course material. Students should also take advantage of their classmates. No – you won’t be seeing them in person – but the internet allows students to connect with their fellow classmates from around the world.

Choosing the Right Online Course

First time eLearning students may not know where to start because of the large amounts of content available online. Although there is never a wrong reason to learn something, it will be helpful for potential students to identify why they are learning before signing up for online classes. With COVID-19 keeping many people indoors, we have experienced a rise in the number of eLearning students who are learning for curiosity. On the other hand, students can use eLearning to help strengthen their employability skills.

Students seeking career development should consider where an online course is being offered. Some employers may not recognize certifications from unrecognized institutions. Be vigilant and consult your regulatory body in your preferred career to find out if an institution is recognized. At the end of the day, students who want to use eLearning to advance their career should choose online courses which will teach skills that are useful for the employers and the economy.

How to Learn Online

Online education is a great way for anyone to learn new skills and develop their career. However, there are also some things eLearning students should consider before they log in to their first lesson. When compared with a traditional learning setting, online education has its own set of best practices.

Its common for online students to get distracted when studying. While a major benefit of eLearning is that students can learn from virtually anywhere; this also means that students can become easily distracted by their surroundings. Common household distractions can include a nearby television set, a spouse preparing dinner, or even children playing in the living room. Being fully committed to the online course is the key to success. Treat eLearning the same as traditional learning and isolate from any distractions around you. Stay motivated by keeping in mind your best learning styles. For example, determine if you learn better in the mornings or evenings and choose an optimal time for learning.

Online learning requires tremendous amounts of self-discipline. Unlike a traditional classroom, a teacher will not be present to keep you accountable for your own learning. Instead, the onus is on the learner to ask for help when needed; speak with your classmates on classroom message boards or arrange to speak with the teacher through email or phone. Ensure your learning space is contributing to a positive learning environment. This means getting rid of distractions by choosing a quite space. And of course, a good internet connection helps a lot too!

For more tips on learning at home, please see this great file from the Toronto District School Board.

Boost Your Skills Today

Online education is an exciting world of opportunities which allows people from anywhere to develop skills and advance their career. Internationally trained newcomers often face difficulties returning to their profession because their foreign credentials are not recognized. Online education is a great way to bridge foreign experience to Canadian employers.

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