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Advance Your Career With Mentorship

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: March 9, 2021 Category: Blog

Mentorships refer to a relationship between a mentor and a mentee. A mentee is someone who is looking for guidance and a mentor is someone who is sharing their experience and advice. Anyone can be a mentor or mentee, regardless of age. Those who are trying to advance their career should consider finding a mentor to guide the process. Continue reading to learn more about finding a mentor.

Do You Need a Mentor?

Before you begin looking for a mentor, ask yourself if you require one. You can determine your need for a mentor by asking yourself some personal questions. Ask yourself what do you want to learn? Look at your short- and long-term goals and ask yourself if a mentor will help guide you towards success. Consider your desired outcome and think about how a mentor can play a role in your personal development.

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Find the Right Mentor

After determining that a mentor is right for you, consider who the ideal person would be. The mentor should be someone who can help you achieve your career goals. The simplest way to narrow down possible mentors would be to examine your existing relationships. Who do you currently know that can give you the best mentorship? In addition, let others know about your learning goals and desire to find a mentor. This way, others can give suggestions and help build your network as well.

Alternatively, many people use LinkedIn to find mentors. They do this by connecting with individuals with job titles that are desired. For example, an aspiring graphic designer may reach out to someone who has been in the industry for many years. In these instances, we recommend getting to know the prospective mentor first. This can be through a quick coffee meeting or a phone call. Ask yourself if this person can help you as a mentor so that you can accomplish your learning goals

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Asking for Mentorship

Now that you’ve identified potential mentors, you will want to establish the mentor-mentee relationship. Talk with the mentor about your goals and how they can help you achieve them. Set up expectations and boundaries. This can mean meeting or calling once a month for routine checkups. On other hand, don’t be discouraged if someone rejects being your mentor. Keep in touch with these people as they are still valuable for your network.

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You can have multiple mentors. Different mentors can tackle different goals or learning objectives. Decide if an identity-based mentor, a mentor you choose because of a specific identity trait, is right for you. Identity-based mentors can include someone from your country of origin or someone who has had a similar experience as yourself. For example, newcomers can benefit from mentors who are also immigrants. Established immigrants can help newcomers understand the Canadian context of their desired career.

Be Open and Ready for Feedback

The emphasis is on the mentee to drive the mentorship interaction. This means it is up to the mentee to make the most of the mentor’s time. Your mentor is graciously taking time out of their busy schedule to help you. Make an agenda for your meeting so that there is no wasted time. Ask for ways you can improve and remember to follow up with your mentor and thank them for their time. Mentors will do their best to guide you, so be open and accepting to new ideas that can contribute to your career success!

Are You a Skilled Newcomer?

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