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Fitness from Home: Staying Active While Indoors

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: June 15, 2020 Category: Blog

In order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, a lot of people have been doing their part by staying at home. For many people, this increase of time spent at home has led to many lifestyle changes. A stoppage of gym facilities, sports arenas, and public gatherings have resulted in people becoming less active. Low levels of physical activity can negatively influence our health, mental wellbeing, and overall quality of life. On the other hand, staying active will contribute to a healthier body which will continue protecting you during these times and beyond.

Are you looking for ways to get active while staying at home? Here are some ways you can maintain your fitness from home.

How Much Exercise?

The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity throughout the week. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to meet these requirements all in one bout of physical activity. Instead, short bursts of activity can eventually add up to these weekly recommendations.

Get Up and Walk

We often sit for long periods of time without even realizing this. For example, you may be concentrated on watching television, browsing the internet, or even working from home for many consecutive hours. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked with higher risks of heart disease, obesity, lower back pain, and even cancer. Some experts believe that an average adult sits for 10 hours a day. While that number may seem staggering at first, the image becomes more realistic when you include an average work-day of seven hours.

The best way to combat long periods of sitting is by simply moving around. A good rule of thumb is to stand for at least 15 minutes every hour. If you are staying indoors, try walking around the house or up and down staircases. Set a reminder for yourself every hour if you find yourself working too hard.

Chores and Activities

Just because you are spending more time at home, it doesn’t mean there are less things to take care of. You will be moving when performing chores such as cleaning, vacuuming and tidying your house. Try adding intentional movements like lunging or squatting into your daily chores to get more out of the movements. Completing household chores is a great excuse to get up, move, and clean your house. If you have children, playing and dancing with them will surely give you a good home fitness workout as well.

Go Out for a Stroll

While this may seem to go against self-isolation rules, going outside for short walks is actually recommended by health experts. With the summer months beginning, it is the perfect chance to talk a stroll around your neighbourhood or visit a park. However, please remember to respect physical distancing rules by staying at least 2 meters apart from others when possible. Of course, please stay home if you are feeling sick.

Take an Online Fitness Class

In the recent months, we have seen an increasing demand for online education and classes. The internet has always been full of information, so we can once again turn to it for home fitness advice. There are plenty of online Yoga or Pilates classes, both free and paid, which can help keep you active. Many people watch YouTube videos for tutorials and beginner classes as well. So while we are still physically distant from one another, the internet provides a way to connect with others who being physically active.

Healthy Minds Lead to Healthy Bodies

Having strong mental health works together with a strong physical body. When our motivation to exercise is low, we will naturally become less active. The more motivated you are to exercise, the more your body will benefit. Take some time to focus on your mental health by relaxing and doing things you enjoy. Some examples may include: finding time to meditate, watching comedy shows and movies, taking a short power nap to recharge, or reaching out to your friends and family.

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