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Emerging Trends in the Transportation Sector

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: October 20, 2020 Category: Blog

The Transportation sector continues to be an important part of Canada’s economy. In 2018, the Canadian trucking industry accounted for $39.55 billion in revenues. Furthermore, there is always demand for transportation and warehousing jobs. In fact, Alberta employs 2,280,000 people in the sector. Technological and world changes have led to new tendencies in the industry. Continue reading to learn more about these trends.

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Like many industries, improvements in technology is resulting in a digitization of transportation work. Digitization greatly helps productivity, minimize workload, and improve cost efficiency. For example, Supply Chain Management are relying more on Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to find the best ways of planning, routing, and creating cost estimates. Vehicle Operators also benefit from using computers and electronic files to share important documents.

Increased Traceability

The recent trends in online shopping is resulting in a higher demand of visibility. E-commerce, retail, and logistic companies are becoming more transparent with the status of their shipments. For example, people who make purchases on Amazon can expect to know where their package is currently located and when it will arrive to their front door. In addition, real-time tracking is an added security measure which will also help companies avoid losses during transportation.

Automated Vehicles

The technology around driverless vehicles are improving everyday and the transportation sector should be preparing for these upcoming technological changes. It is possible that automated vehicles, with artificial intelligence and sensors, can become better at driving than humans in the future. There are some people who claim self-driving vehicles will take jobs away from the transportation industry. However, full automation of vehicles is still very far away. In addition, human Truck Drivers will still play an essential role in the transportation process. Consider the Truck Drivers of today, they still need to check cargo, perform vehicle maintenance, interact with clients, and unload trucks. Therefore, it is more likely that automated vehicles help Truck Drivers of the future.

Women in Trucking

Women are becoming a larger part of the transportation and trucking sectors. While the industry is still heavily dominated by men, the American Trucking Association says there was a 68 per cent increase of female Truck Drivers between 2010 and 2018. Female drivers also tend to be safer behind the wheel, according to data and expert opinions which suggest female drivers take less risks. Organizations such as Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada empower women and shift attitudes about the career which has traditionally been suited for men. Other programs, such as Women Shifting Gears, in Saskatchewan provide training for women who want try their hand at driving trucks.

COVID Regulations

Regulations are an important part of the transportation industry. In fact, many of the rules for workers are in place in consideration for safety and wellbeing. For example, Truck Drivers must rest after 14 hours of consecutive driving. Electronic logbooks help drivers keep track of time and prevent Drivers from overworking.

More recently, the transportation industry is adapting to a world with COVID19. Unfortunately, commercial airline sector has been hit hard due to travel restrictions. On the other hand, Truck Drivers, Public Transit Operators, and other members of the transportation sector have been deemed essential workers. New COVID regulations include use of face coverings and other personal protective equipment. Learn more about COVID19 and Canada’s transportation industry on the Government of Canada’s website.

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