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5 Tips for eLearning Success

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: August 17, 2020 Category: Blog

Online education, or eLearning, has been gaining popularity in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has made eLearning even more important as many colleges and universities have announced their plans to hold classes online this fall. Online education may be new for some adult learners who are hoping to improve their career outlook.

Continue reading to discover five tips which can benefit your eLearning experience.

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1. Stay Organized

The key to being a successful student online is planning in advance. Online learning is generally more flexible than a traditional classroom setting. At the same time, this flexibility does not mean students should procrastinate. We recommend students develop a study plan to understand your best practices to ensure success in the class. Some things to consider for the plan include: when to attend class, setting time aside to study and complete assignments, and a calendar with important dates and deadlines. Think about your preferred style and pace of learning in order to adapt your plan so that you are not overwhelmed. Consider even minor details such as the time of day you are most productive in order to maximize your learning experience.

2. Optimize Your Study Space

One of the benefits for online education is that the learning can be conducted anywhere. As a result, many students will find themselves staying at home. Learning from home is certainly a benefit of online education; think about the costs you could save by not commuting or driving to school. On the other hand, staying at home presents a different set of obstacles.

There may be plenty of distractions around your house, so we recommend students study in a quiet area of the home. Find the space which works best for you. Perhaps studying in the living room is not a good idea because the television is always on. Or maybe you have young children playing loudly. Put careful consideration into where you will be studying. Don’t forget that the study area should have a strong internet connection as well!

3. Keep Yourself Accountable

Some students may think eLearning will be easier because it provides more flexibility than traditional classes. This flexibility should not be an excuse for students to procrastinate. Online students will not have their classmates and instructors physically available to give constant reminders about upcoming assignment deadlines. One way to stay disciplined is to treat the online course as if it were an in-person classroom environment. In this sense, you still need to “show up” on time, pay attention in class, and submit all your assignments.

There is an emphasis on personal accountability when learning online. Identify your goals and objectives so that you can stay focused on what you need to do. Creating and following a schedule will be helpful for students who are not organized. Remember why you are learning and do your best to stay on track.

4. Actively Participate

Being an active student in the virtual classroom will make your learning experience a lot more helpful. You may not be able to meet with your instructors and classmates physically, but there are still many ways you can get involved online. Online courses will usually have discussion boards for students to use. These online spaces can be used to read the opinions of your peers, discuss a project, or ask for help and clarification. If one does not exist for your class, try creating one with Facebook or other commonly used and free websites.

Some students may feel alone or distant from their instructors and classmates when learning online. Students should not hesitate to contact their instructors when help is needed. Reaching out to instructors through email or other agreed upon means of communication is also a great way to establish a working relationship.

5. Take a Break

Studying online may seem like a great way to absorb a lot of material in a short period of time. We’ve mentioned the importance of being committed to eLearning. At the same time, your performance will noticeably suffer if you are feeling tired or unmotivated. It is highly recommended that students take occasional breaks when engaged in online course work.

If you ever find yourself unable to focus; take a break away from your computer and do something you enjoy. Even short breaks with physical activity can have tremendous benefits. For example, stand up and stretch every hour, walk around the house, or step outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air. Try it out when you are studying; you may find yourself more productive afterwards!

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