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Canadian Finance Occupations In Demand

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: September 21, 2021 Category: Blog

Financial professionals are crucial for keeping businesses operating smoothly. This is true especially after the global pandemic has affected many sectors of the workforce. As a result, the expertise of financial professionals continues to be in demand in the Canadian workforce. Continue reading to learn about some of these finance careers.

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Business Analyst

Business Analysts use their expertise to identify and solve problems that businesses encounter. In addition, they gather and organize data to find new ways of improving functions, processes and software. Business Analysts are crucial amongst the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. Many businesses are looking to develop and implement new strategies in the changing workforce. Business Analysts often work at banks, insurance companies, and other areas of the financial sector. The median salary for Business Analysts is $44.23/hour in Alberta and $39.42 in Saskatchewan.

Payroll Clerk

Payroll clerks are vital for keeping any business running smoothly. They are responsible for collecting, checking and processing payroll information. Furthermore, they calculate the amount of pay and benefit entitlement for the employees of a company. Payroll clerks often work at payroll administration companies and in various organizations in both the public and private sectors. The median salary for Payroll Clerks is $27.42/hour in Alberta and $25.24 in Saskatchewan.


Accountants are financial specialists that help businesses or individuals keep track of their money using detailed records. They work to ensure accurate accounting standards and procedures. This is done by planning, organizing, and administering accounting systems for their clients. Accountants can find employment in private or public sector firms and departments. They can also work for themselves. The median salary for Accountants is $41.21/hour in Alberta and $36.92 in Saskatchewan.


Controllers oversee important accounting functions such as general ledger, general accounting, accounts payable and receivable. In addition, Controllers develop and implement financial policies that can greatly affect a company’s financial wellbeing. This role is especially important during the pandemic as organizations are less flexible with their financial decisions. Controllers can find employment in financial and accounting departments in various companies. They can also be self-employed as well. The median salary for Controllers is $54.46/hour in Alberta and $52.88 in Saskatchewan.

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