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Alternative Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: April 21, 2021 Category: Blog

When we think about occupations in the healthcare sector, we often consider regulated occupations such as Doctors, Nurses, or Dentists. These professions are highly regulated to protect public health and safety. However, these regulations often become barriers for internationally trained healthcare professionals who are pursuing a healthcare career in Canada. In this blog, we will explore some great alternative jobs in healthcare.

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Alternative Jobs for Doctors:

Medical Laboratory Technicians work in laboratories to run tests and analyze results. Their responsibilities include everything from collecting blood or tissue samples from patients and running tests and reporting results. As a result, Medical Laboratory Technicians will need the training to learn how to operate lab equipment.

Health Policy Analyst performs research and analysis in order to develop new healthcare policies to solve problems. The work involves designing and implanting programs to enforce new policies. Health Policy Analysts can work for the government, research labs, hospitals, and community organizations.

Public Health Inspectors ensure public safety by examining public locations for hazards. For example, public facilities, workplaces, and restaurants. The role is important because their finding could prevent serious injuries in the public. Therefore, places that fail safety inspections could be fined or closed if the infractions are severe enough.

Alternative Jobs for Nurses:

Early Childhood Educator Assistants provide support and encouragement for children who are in their care. For example, their daily tasks may include helping children eat and use the toilet, playing games, or leading activities. Generally, Early Childhood Educator Assistants will work from public or school settings such as daycare or community centers.

Blood Donor Clinic Assistants help clients who want to donate blood. They ensure that clients are eligible to give blood and that the conditions are safe during the procedure. Their work is also vital for maintaining equipment and keeping records.

Nurse Aides and nurses work together to provide patients with hands-on care. Nurse Aides generally work from hospitals or health care facilities. Tasks may include caring, feeding, and lifting patients whenever required.

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Alternative Jobs for Dentists:

Dental Assistants are important for dentists to perform their tasks properly. The Dental Assistant will prepare patients for dental procedures. They also maintain the cleanliness of the room and equipment while also performing some administrative duties to ensure the dental clinic is running smoothly.

Dental Laboratory Bench Workers make dentures and moulds, although they generally do not work directly with patients. They may work from a dental laboratory and assist a dental technician.

Dental Receptionists are in charge of greeting clients at the dentist’s office. Administrative duties such as scheduling appointments and other tasks may be required of the Dental Receptionist to ensure that the office runs smoothly.

Alternative Jobs for Pharmacists:

Pharmacy Assistants help Pharmacists with their daily needs in running the pharmacy. Responsibilities can include packing and labelling products for clients. In addition, they will also help to maintain records of prescriptions and inventory. Pharmacy Assistants also converse with clients and answer their questions.

Pharmacy Technicians are similar to Pharmacy Assistants, but with a few more responsibilities. They are responsible and permitted to independently receive prescriptions, prepare medicine, and perform final checks to ensure all is correct.

Technical Sales Specialists sell and promote pharmaceutical products to healthcare workers. They have a deep understanding of pharmacology and business planning in order to educate other healthcare workers about different products and services.

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