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7 Traits of a Successful I.T. Professional

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: November 13, 2020 Category: Blog

A career in the Information Technology sector is quite rewarding. Many newcomers are eager to join one of Canada’s fastest growing industries. This doesn’t mean that I.T. work is for everyone. Do you have what it takes to build a successful career? Continue reading to learn about the traits found in successful I.T. professionals.

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1. Have a passion for computers

This point may seem simple, but it’s quite true! Like any profession, the most successful workers will have a true passion for their work. Information Technology is no different. This is because you will naturally be eager to learn and continue developing your skills when passionate about your work. Your colleagues will also notice your passion when your great work shines through.

2. Be Adaptable

A lot of people rely on I.T. professionals to solve a wide variety of technical issues. Great I.T. professionals will be adaptive in their work environment. A different day will bring about a different set of challenges and solutions. Furthermore, I.T. professionals may not always be working a typical 9 to 5 job. You may need to stay late to meet deadlines or fix emergencies that occur late at night.

In addition, aspiring I.T. professionals should understand that job stability may not always be available. I.T. professionals may prefer to sign shorter contracts that often pay more than permanent roles. With the exception of joining a company, it is common for these workers to switch contracts after two to three years. Consider which type of work you want to pursue.

3. Prepare to be a lifelong learner

Information Technology is a continually expanding sector and the in-demand skills are changing all the time. Professionals in the sector will need to keep up with the latest information and technology to be successful. According to Randstad, the top I.T. skills to know in 2020 are Java, Linux, and JavaScript. However, new trends can arise which may lower the value of your current skills. In short, a successful I.T. professional is a lifelong learner. Which brings us to our next consideration in regards to formal schooling.

4. Schooling Considerations

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not pursuing a four-year diploma will be helpful for prospective I.T. professionals. University may be beneficial for someone without I.T. experience. On the other hand, having the technical skills and work experience can sometimes be more important than simply having a degree; many successful I.T. professionals may not have diplomas at all. In fact, some large companies like Google and Apple have begun accepting applicants without four-year degrees because they were missing out on the vast talent pool of skilled I.T. workers without formal training.

5. Seek opportunities in all sizes

Speaking of Google and Apple, you shouldn’t just have your eyes set on large companies. While large companies are attractive, they may not be the best opportunities for you to grow your abilities. On the other hand, you will most likely get more chances to work on different tasks with smaller companies. Of course, getting a job offer at a large company is great, but I.T. professionals should not measure their success by the company they work for.

6. Be a Creative problem-solver

While a lot of work with technology may seem analytical, many I.T. problems may require creative solutions. In many cases, there will not be one singular or rational solution. Instead, demonstrating your ability to think creatively will make you more desirable for employers.

7. Be Friendly

Many aspiring I.T. professionals already possess technical skills. However, possessing soft skills will set you aside from other candidates. Communicating with coworkers, peers, and clients is an important part of any I.T. professional’s job. Being approachable and friendly so that others want to communicate with you will make you more desirable. For example, you should not explain technical problems to others who may not understand I.T. terminology. Newcomers who are not proficient in English should consider practicing in a casual environment to improve communication skills.

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