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5 Tips for Newcomer Career Success

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: June 27, 2022 Category: Blog

While most newcomer professionals already possess the skills for their desired careers, getting hired can be a challenging task. How can newcomers in Canada build on successful careers from their home country? Continue reading to learn about tips for newcomers who are seeking career success! 

1. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media network primarily used for professional networking and career development. It is a fantastic tool for both employers and job seekers. Creating a LinkedIn profile will allow you to share your skills and credentials with a vast network of online users. Showcasing your experience on LinkedIn can attract employers seeking your specific skillset. LinkedIn is also a great tool to build your professional network and connect with other individuals in your desired field.

2. Be Proactive

Let others know that you are open to finding work instead of waiting for opportunities to come. Taking the initiative and reaching out to other people will often lead to positive results. We recommend that newcomers research specific companies that are of interest. Focusing the job search on a particular industry or organization will help create a clear and obtainable goal. Try connecting with employers or individuals that work at your ideal company (LinkedIn is an excellent tool for doing this). Even if you see an expired job posting, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and express your interest. 

3. Find Mentorship

In addition to networking, newcomers are highly encouraged to connect with experienced individuals. Mentors are individuals that have been in your position and can guide newcomers throughout their careers. Finding suitable mentors will give job seekers further insight into achieving career success. 

4. Volunteer

A lack of Canadian experience and being unfamiliar with Canadian communication styles are some factors that may hinder newcomers from finding suitable work. However, volunteering can help newcomers bolster their resumes (and LinkedIn profiles) with relevant experience. Looking for volunteer opportunities is also a great way to build your professional network. Therefore, newcomers should consider volunteer opportunities if possible.

5. Access Available Services

There are plenty of employment support programs that cater to the needs of newcomers. Many of these programs are free as well! For example, Career Loans helps newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan return to their desired careers. In addition, newcomers in Ontario can benefit from the free virtual services provided by NIC Online (and other programs at Achēv). We encourage newcomers to research the available services in the local area. 

Are you a newcomer in Alberta or Saskatchewan? Click here to schedule your free career counselling session with the experts at Career Loans today! 


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