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5 Reasons You Should Return to School

Posted by: Gavin Au-Yeung Date: August 3, 2021 Category: Blog

Going back to school is a big decision that can drastically impact your future. In fact, many newcomers are choosing to return to school for a better life in Canada. As an internationally trained newcomer, you may already possess educational credentials from your home country. However, there are still many benefits from going back to school.

Continue reading to discover five reasons as to why skilled newcomers should return to school in Canada.

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1. Upgrade Your Current Skillset

Do you feel stuck in your career? Or perhaps your current skillset is no longer required for your job. Returning to school can promote career growth and future opportunities. As the world continues to get more specialized, employers are seeking individuals who possess important skills. Qualifications from trusted schools will show employers that you possess the skills they are looking for. In addition, returning to school can also help increase your earning potential as you upgrade your skills and take on more responsibilities. However, don’t assume returning to school will guarantee career success. Do your research and consider how returning to school will impact your career.

2. Learn Something New

Sometimes your original career plan doesn’t work out. Or maybe you are just interested in pursuing a new career. Regardless of your reasoning, returning to school is a great way to expand your skillset in a new field. School is a place where learners can broaden their horizons and discover new interests in life.

Get the education, support, and tools you need to succeed in a new field!

3. Challenge Yourself

Beyond its benefits towards your career, going back to school can be a great opportunity for personal growth. Let’s face it, going to school isn’t easy. Students will face new challenges, but these challenges will help them grow into well-rounded individuals. Completing an educational program is sure to instill a boosted sense of accomplishment and the confidence you need to take on the world!  

4. It’s Easier Than Ever Before

Gone are the days where education can only occur during specific times on the weekdays. Adult learners can access online education that can be done from the comfort of home. Furthermore, educational institutions are accommodating adult learners by hosting classes in the evenings as well. It has never been easier to attend classes and upgrade your skills.

5. You Have Support

Returning to school can provide newcomers with a great networking opportunity. Students have the chance to make connections with their peers, teachers, and other industry experts that can create opportunities in the future. In addition, some students may have the opportunity to gain experience and work in their desired field through their school's work placement programs. It is highly recommended that students take advantage of the support and networking opportunities provided by their school.

Considering a Return to School?

Deciding to return to school is a big decision. While schooling has the potential to drastically improve your career outlook, it is also very time-consuming. Speak with the expert counsellors at Career Loans and discuss your goals for the future. Internationally trained professionals will receive free career support and access to optional micro loans that can help pay for the cost of returning to school. Register today and access our free and virtual support!

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