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Are You an Internationally Trained Professional Looking to Continue Your Career in Canada?

Career Loans provides career counselling and microloans of up to $15,000 to help skilled immigrants fulfill their career goals in Canada.

Key Features:

✔ Micro Loans up to $15,000

✔ Low-interest rates
(prime + 2%)

✔ FREE one-on-one Career Counselling

✔ Loan repayment up to 4 years

✔ Funded by Government of Canada

It's an honour to be No.2 in the 2020 #BestCountries list! From our policy on multiculturalism to our enviable wilderness, it's no wonder Canada is among the best!
Check out the rankings:

#OTD in 1841, the #StanleyCup’s namesake was born. Frederick Arthur Stanley, the sixth Governor General of Canada, was an avid #hockey fan who famously donated the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup – a much smaller version of the now beloved @StanleyCup.🏒


See how #CareerLoans can help you get back on your career path today. Visit for more information.

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If you're exploring our province this winter, please consider these safety tips:
• Make a plan and tell someone when you’ll be back.
• Dress for the conditions and bring extra clothes.
• Bring a map or GPS (not just your phone!).

For the second #blog of our Career Exploration series, we examine some useful resources to help you find your dream job. Read it now on the #CareerLoans website.

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Career Loans provides career counselling and micro loans to Internationally Trained Individuals in regulated and non-regulated occupations and trades, who are looking to return to their chosen profession.

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